belle-flower (formerly Clementine)


belle-flower (formerly known as Clementine) is exactly the flower shop you expect to see in romantic comedies, amplified. Natalie Marvin, who has been in the flower industry since 2001, eats sleeps and breathes flowers. Weddings are her favorite, and she has traveled all over the West Coast to create custom looks for each specific venue, couple, and season. Her love of all things floral is magnified in her bouquets – very romantic, hand picked, intentional, but a little wild. See if your date is available and set up an appointment –

Emily Takes Photos


There aren’t many wedding photographers out there who can (quote from a bride), “perfectly capture your wedding, and then turn around and make you laugh until you cry by getting into an incredibly entertaining Michael Jackson dance-off with your cousin.” Emily Gutman of Emily Takes Photos is one of these rare photographers—she’s got an infectious energy and a desire to really get to know her couples, so that by the time your wedding rolls around, she blends in comfortably and documents the day as it unfolds. The images she captures are expressive and vibrant, and due to her knack for making couples feel totally comfortable, they’re full of emotion and free from self-consciousness.

Lowe House Events


(photo by Gabriel Harber)

Elizabeth started planning weddings in 2006. A life-long planner and organizer of events and parties, people she knew began to turn to her for help with their weddings (which for many people are the biggest parties they ever throw) and before she knew it she was working on several a year. What started as a hobby before turning into a side business became her full time job in 2011 with the formation of Lowe House Events. She considers herself incredibly lucky to get to work on weddings & other events full time – she gets to go to a party most weekends because it’s literally her job, and if you ask her, it just doesn’t get much better than that.

Reb Peters Press


Reb Peters Press is a small Oakland-based business, run by artist and printmaker Rebecca Peters.  Reb Peters Press prints all wedding material in addition to business cards, birth announcements, thank you cards, save the date coasters, and the like.  Rebecca also teaches personalized workshops where you can come into her warehouse studio and print your own wedding invites.  If you need help designing your invites, you can also schedule a design meeting, where you can meet up with her to get help creating the layout.  With Reb Peters Press, you get the option to have a more hands-on learning experience if you want it.

Fox & Fawn Bakehouse


Fox & Fawn Bakehouse goods are baked in small batches. They are measured, mixed and poured by hand. They are made up of the finest ingredients available. While the ingredients may seem simple, they have been chosen and tested with great care to produce the best tasting treat possible.

We believe great taste equals great joy, and we put love and heart into all we do.

Trio Zincalo


Trio Zincalo play a diverse range of music from different parts of the world. Argentine Tangos, Brazilian Choros and Bossa Novas, French Gypsy Jazz, American Jazz, Italian Wedding Music, and Bulgarian Freilachs. And maybe every now and then we throw in a modern pop song set to sound like one of the aforementioned styles. We call our music “World Cafe Music.”

Magnolia Photo Booth Co.

mag booth

For almost six years Team Magbooth has been spreading photo booth joy across the US. We are a small group of creative professionals who love what we do and take pride in our Magbooths and what they represent. We design everything from the ground up including our software. Our booths serve not only as added entertainment for any cocktail hour, reception or rehearsal dinner but also allow family and friends to capture truly candid photos that will be cherished forever. Our booths are modern and sleek with a vintage twist. With more then 1,000,000 pictures under our belt we are pretty confident that we will reach our ultimate goal of having the first photo booth on the moon.